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Mississippi Lime Congress 2012

The Mississippi Lime play of Oklahoma and Kansas has been hailed as ‘the new Bakken’ with production set to reach the incredible 500,000 bpd mark before 2020. 

The oil-rich formation, having been successfully drilled vertically decades ago, is now being fully exploited by operators using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, opening up a wealth of potential that has previously remained untouched.

Unlike a blanket shale formation, the Mississippian Lime is an incredibly varied and complex carbonate reservoir.  Relative to the Eagle Ford or the Bakken, the Mississippi Play is in it’s infancy in regards to horizontal recovery meaning operators are still racing to crack the Mississippian code.  To do this, it is crucial that operators find cost effective ways of identifying the most productive sweet spots, utilizing the most efficient completions techniques and balancing the overall economics of this high volume liquids play.

The Mississippi Lime Congress 2012 was a pioneering event in the industry which delivered commercially valuable solutions for production optimization through the development of completions best practices.  It was designed to provide delegates with take-away solutions on how to maximize ROI on this liquids rich asset.

Main Conference Room

Day one focused on the geological variance in the Mississippian Lime and the completions strategy necessary to recover commercial volumes of hydrocarbons from the play. Delegates heard how operators in the play were adapting a variety of petrophysical and seismic data to target the most productive sweet spots across the formation. A Kansas-based play was explored and solutions for managing produced water was also be investigated in day one to demonstrate the costs that this could incur and how to improve the economics of water management.

Day two concentrated on completions design, exploring how the completions techniques used in a shale play could be adapted and applied to a carbonate reservoir. It focused on comparing completions techniques to establish the most economical way to produce wells in the Mississippian Lime. Day two concluded with an overview of West Oklahoma and East Oklahoma establishing the impact of formation location on completions and assessing the economic future of those respective locations in the Mississippi Lime play.

Newfield Exploration Company

"It was a pleasure to attend the conference... I thought the meeting was well run and the subject matter pertinent for all...


O&G Series

As the Mississippi Lime Play continues to attract the attention of operators and investors alike…

 …it is imperative that completions best practices are established and recovery costs are assessed to drive forward horizontal drilling and completions in the Mississippian carbonate formation.

The Mississippi Lime Congress 2012 is geared exclusively towards identifying optimal production and completions techniques for the geologically variable carbonate reservoir of the Mississippian Lime formation.  Leading E&P companies operating successfully in the Mississippi Lime will share insight into the solutions and techniques they are utilizing to overcome challenges and operate commercially in the geologically diverse carbonate reservoir.  Chief Executives, VP’s and Senior Technical Experts will discuss how horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have revolutionized production in the Mississippi Lime, how to capitalize on this opportunity through petrophysical analysis of the reservoir and how to tailor completions design to balance both risks and economic EUR’s with production costs.

Major operators in the Mississippi Lime will be analyzing:

  • GEOLOGICAL VARIANCE: Assessing the effect of the variable geology in the Mississippi Lime on completions to minimize risk and ensure maximum well productivity
  • PRODUCED WATER: Examining ways of dealing with high fluid volumes typical of the Mississippi lime formation to reduce costs associated with produced water management
  • COMPLETIONS TECHNIQUES: Identifying optimal completions designs and techniques in the Mississippi Lime to ensure maximum recovery and minimum expenditure
  • CARBONATE VS SHALE: Highlighting the ways in which the Mississippi Lime differs from a shale play and how recent data can be incorporated into the completions design
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Attaining the critical electrical infrastructure needed to support well completion in the Mississippi Lime
  • WEST OKLAHOMA, EAST OKLAHOMA AND KANSAS: Delivering the latest exploration and well results from specific geological regions in the Mississippi Lime
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